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Environmental Policy

Here at SoulCraft Canada we aim to be as eco friendly as we can in what we do in the following ways;


We aim to use fewer resources when producing our products. For example, all our project guides are created in digital PDF and/or video format instead of printed which means we aren’t using extra paper or creating the extra carbon footprint in having printed materials shipped to us. We also reduce our use of plastic by shipping using compostable mailers which are fully biodegradable. Our decision to ship exclusively within Canada was also motivated by our desire to reduce our impact on the environment.



As much as possible we reuse packaging and materials. We will often upcycle materials for use in our products. You can reuse our boxes and one or two of our projects even utilize the cardboard!



Our boxes and tissue paper wrapping are fully recyclable as are the flyers in our subscription product and our product info tags. Printed on kraft paper with soluble inks means these flyers and tags can be recycled in your paper collection. 

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