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welcome to our

Stitch in Serenity

project guide


Thank you SO much for purchasing our Stitch in Serenity project!


I hope you can enjoy some creative 'chill time' whilst exploring the wonderful world of cross stitch embroidery!

On this page you'll find a download link for our PDF guide as well as videos which demonstrate the techniques.

You can also access the videos from the links embedded within our PDF guide.

Feel free to follow along with me or create your own unique design.

Relax, enjoy and please email me at if you have any questions!

Stay well, be inspired and keep on soulcrafting!

emmie clare x

weave & loom PDF.pdf

50MB file, please
be patient while it

In addition to the materials provided, you'll need;

- scissors for cutting thread & fabric

Video #1 introduction to stitch in serenity

Video #2 soothing lavender sachets

Video #3 cross stitch hoop

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